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A BAFTA winning performance…

Emma Grimwood is pleasantly surprised by A Single Man, showing currently at the Gala cinema

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect of ‘A Single Man’. My desire to see it was based wholly on the rather cracking trailer, a few mixed reviews, and the somewhat surprising news that Colin Firth had…

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Guy Ritchie Takes On Sherlock Holmes

Stevie Martin doesn’t understand why Guy Ritchie was asked to direct Sherlock Holmes but watches it regardless..

Alongside Avatar, Guy Ritchie’s reworking of the literary classic has been the other must-see blockbuster released over the Christmas period. Having grossed over $200 million worldwide so far, it may be lagging behind its gargantuan competitor, but nobody was expecting anyone…

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Sam Eagers checks out James Cameron’s latest..

Avatar arrived at the end of this year surrounded by a massive amount of hyperbole. Being the most expensive film of all time and hailed as James Cameron’s most gargantuan effort since Titanic twelve years ago, meant that the film has already taken over a billion dollars..

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Not one for the Bale Enthusiasts..

Sam Eagers really doesn’t get the hype surrounding Christian Bale. At all.

I have found a substitute to the expression ‘watching paint dry’. ‘Watching Christian Bale act’ will become a byword for wasting your life. My disregard for him runs deeper than just being a truly awful actor. You see, Christian Bale…

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George Twigg investigates the latest contribution to the musical-on-film genre

George Twigg investigates the latest contribution to the musical-on-film genre…

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Public Enemies

The D21 film-orientated full scale article assault continues with Sam Eagers getting bored by Public Enemies

A film with Johnny Depp (Pirates of the Caribbean) and Christian Bale (Batman) about the life of one of the most notorious gangsters, the creation of the FBI and several action scenes involving machine guns, meant that I walked in with high expectations. However…

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(500) Days of Summer

Sam Eagers wishes the lead character would strap on a pair…

I have never been the greatest subscriber to rom-coms, hiding a secret hatred for Hugh ‘I’m going to do something new – a romantic comedy’ Grant. Hugh Grant is the sole reason why reviews call this film ‘original and refreshing’ – because they’ve all…

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A modern sci-fi classic?

George Twigg takes us to the all too real world of ‘District 9′
One of the main tenets of science fiction is that monolithic spaceships hovering ominously over major cities are rarely good news. Usually, the appearance of such a craft is followed by a brief period of acute tension, and then the destruction of a major landmark, à la ‘Independence Day’. The audience knows what to expect in these situations, and sure enough, ‘District 9′, the latest outlandish tale to hit the big screen, begins with a hulking vessel casting …

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George Twigg enjoys Tarantino’s latest..

When Christopher Marlowe died, having been stabbed in the eye in a bar fight (a gruesome piece of theatre that Quentin Tarantino would no doubt approve of), he had written no more than a handful of plays, yet these few works now form the bedrock of a significant literary reputation. Similarly, Quentin Tarantino is one of the most well-known modern film directors, despite his unprolific nature. The reasons for his ascent to the summit of cinematic celebrity are two; firstly, Reservoir Dogs, which was an incredibly fresh and dynamic take on the tired heist genre, and secondly Pulp Fiction, which is widely recognised as a bona fide modern classic.

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Jennifer Thompson enjoys Henry Selick’s latest offering…

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William Li asks whether the next instalment in the Indiana Jones franchise can live up to its predecessors…

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Stephen Hopkinson asks if Marvel Studios’ first release is cinematic gold…

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Adam Blampied examines, with interest, the bloated corpse of Pathology

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Zaki Moosa doesn’t think Will Smith’s zombie effort is that legendary…

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Rebecca Thursten commemorates Heath Ledger, 1979-2008…