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Posted on 23rd February 2010. No Comment

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Ian Church checks out Hadouken! live at the Newcastle University union…

‘Get Smash Gate Crash,’ is probably the best known tune from the Leeds based dance-punk band Hadouken. Judging by last night most people were indeed doing just that.

After emerging in the dungeon-like Student’s Union of Newcastle University the black painted walls and lack of natural light provided an intimate atmosphere forthe first support art, Killer Killa, who did an exceptional job of getting the crowd up for it with just a set of decks, a drummer and a leading man whose beat boxing was up there with the best.
The second, more guitar based support act were less effective at creating an electric atmosphere, with their music at times straying into Iron Maiden territory, making them an odd choice for a Hadouken! gig. Indeed they were so first-rate they seemingly failed to voice the name of their own band.
After waiting until almost 10 o’clock for Hadouken! to finally emerge on stage the largely teenage audience was reaching fever pitch. As a series of thin green lights, reminiscent of Muse, shined the band’s name behind the stage they opened with Rebirth, the first track from their recently released second album ‘For the Masses.’ ‘Get Smash Gate Crash’ then followed with the first of many ‘mosh’ pits beginning in the middle of the audience and several teenage girls desperately trying to escape the growing number of crazy revellers. As the green lights continued to bathe both the band and audience they went straight into ‘Crank It Up.’
With a certain amount of arrogant stage presence lead man James Smith then leaped into ‘MAD’ during which a guydressed in a full mouse costume came on stage, presumably in a parody of Deadmau5, before hilariously falling over in a trip that would not have looked out of place on ‘You’ve Been Framed.’
‘Declaration of War’ and ‘Driving Nowhere’ soon followed as the mosh pits continued, with a few guys stripping off in the heat, unsurprisingly the girls did not follow suit.
Smith then announced that ‘Mic Check’ would be the band’s next single from the new album. It was at this point however that I was forced to depart due to the lack of late trains from Newcastle to Durham, and the late appearance of Hadouken!
Despite this I saw enough to know that everyone present was thoroughly enjoying themselves, as the copious amounts of sweat showed, with the mixture of guitar and keyboard combining to resounding effect. The second album arguably lacks the almost anthem like songs of the first, but for Hadouken! fans that won’t really matter.
Ian Church

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