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Muse: Live

Posted on 8th November 2009. No Comment

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For Ian Church, Muse definitely do not dissappoint.

“Upon selling out all of their dates in the UK it certainly seems as though Muse are as popular as ever…”

muse-rockwerchter-live21When a band who have been named ‘Best Live Act’ on many occasions decide to tour the UK, there seemed little option but to make the trip southwards to Sheffield Hallam Arena to see if they could live up to the hype.

Upon selling out all of their dates in the UK it certainly seems as though Muse are as popular as ever after the release of the new album ‘The Resistance’ in September of this year. Again relying heavily on classical music, especially in the latter parts of the album, it received almost universal praise, reaching the number 1 spot in 18 countries.

The set itself was nothing short of spectacular, with three enormous square pillars on stage eventually uncovered to reveal a band member positioned on each, with a screen both above and below.

They opened with ‘Uprising,’ the first track off their new album which was swiftly followed by ‘Resistance.’ The band then played a piano orientated track from 2001’s ‘Origin of Symmetry, which suddenly explodes into a guitar heavy song and getting the entire crowd rocking. A series of thin green lights were shot into the audience at this time, almost making it appear as though you were wearing a pair of 3D glasses.

“Interaction with the crowd was kept to a minimum…”

Again moving through their epic back catalogue Muse played a couple of Musetracks from ‘Black Holes and Revelations’ during which the pillars they were standing on sunk into the stage, allowing Bellamy and the bassist Christopher Wolstenholme to fully engage with the audience although interaction with the crowd was kept to a minimum. The band, despite their popularity, are rarely interviewed for anything other than to promote albums, preferring instead to let the music do the talking.

 The set  included the likes of ‘Hysteria,’ United States of Eurasia,’ and ‘Undisclosed Desires,’ before the opening guitar riff of ‘Plug In Baby’ sent the crowd into nothing short of a frenzy, with Bellamy sliding on his knees as a series of huge balloons were sent down into the crowd from the sides of the arena, eventually popping and showering the audience in confetti. ‘Time is Running Out,’ then followed, before ‘Unnatural Selection’ became the final song before the encore.

The band returned to the stage for the 3 song encore of ‘Exogenesis: Symphony Part 1: Overture’ which included a series of violinists climbing up into the pillars above the band. The two final songs of ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ and ‘Knights of Cydonia’ went down a storm, with seemingly the entire audience knowing every word to these tracks.

The show definitely left those, like me, who have never seen Muse live before realising just how amazing this band really are after putting on such an extraordinarily played, completely flawless  and downright amazing show.

Ian Church

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