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Good Week/Bad Week: Sports Round Up

Posted on 28th November 2009. No Comment

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Tom Brown looks at the winners and losers of the last week in sport…


_41984972_westwood416· Lee Westwood’s caddie: for years he had to carry the clubs of a close but no cigar character; now his boss may well be ready to go all the way. He’s yet to win a major, but Westwood has come about as close as you can get, missing out by one shot at this year’s Open. But since that disappointment at Turnberry, Westwood has taken his game to next level, playing some stunning golf to win the Dubai World Championship and with that the European Order of Merit. In the last week he pocketed around £1.6m…and caddies generally get a 10% cut.
· Paul Collingwood: he hardly set the world alight during the Ashes in the summer, but he was back to his best  in South Africa at the weekend. In fact he pretty much had a perfect game. He became England’s most capped one day international player, hit an unbeaten century and England hit an impressive 252-3 to win the match. Collingwood is also on the brink of his 100th ODI wicket and 100th ODI catch. The milestones just keep on coming.
· Wigan fans: admittedly it wasn’t an ideal week for them considering their team lost 9-1, but the Wigan players’ decision to refund their tickets means they should look on the occasion in a more positive light. What they effectively got was a free ticket to see 10 goals and some of the best attacking football we’ve witnessed all season. Yes, I know I’m clutching at straws here, but if you can’t at least try and think positively after your team is absolutely annihilated, what can you do?


· Ireland: they’re not going to the World Cup, and it’s all because Thierry Henry handled the ball. It just isn’t fair…yethandball unfortunately that’s sport. As the title of this feature cleverly suggests, there are both winners and losers in sport; Ireland were unlucky in Paris, but (as Roy Keane rightly pointed out) lucky to win a dodgy penalty against Georgia and make it to these playoffs in the first place. It’s these controversies that make football so compelling, and getting rid them through video technology would get rid of a crucial aspect of the sport. Also, in case you ever wondered why the French players always wear gloves, it’s so they’re protected from the ball.
· Adidas’ marketing department: a few months ago some Adidas marketing chaps would have sat down and designed some fairly sickly looking green boots. These green boots were in fact so sickly looking that Spurs striker Jermain Defoe was told he wasn’t allowed to wear them for last weekend’s game against Wigan. He changed to Adidas’ silver pair, before scoring five goals in one half. Not the best advert ever; let’s just hope the green boot designers’ Christmas bonuses aren’t based on sales.
· David Beckham: it had the potential to be so great, yet in the end it was just tragic. This time he’s gone for the shaved sides with silly, floppy, blond bit on top. Yes, David Beckham has succeeded yet again in finding an absolutely ridiculous hairstyle. Oh yeah, and his LA Galaxy side lost the MLS Cup final on penalties. That would have sucked too.
· McLaren: it’s the British ‘Dream Team’ as the past two world champions come together; Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button’s partnership at McLaren is certainly a mouth-watering prospect. Yet just how events at McLaren will unfold next season remains to be seen. Hamilton is clearly their number one driver, yet the last time they paired him with a world champion it all ended in tears as Fernando Alonso spent the entire season throwing toys out of his pram. McLaren may well have got the perfect partnership in theory, but the perfect partnership in reality is a different case entirely.
· Martin Johnson: Martin Johnson’s England put in a disappointing performance to lose…again! In fact Johnson has lost more than half of the 14 Tests he’s been in charge for, and when you consider some of the ‘winning’ performances as well (the game against Argentina to name but one), his move from captain to coach has hardly been a rip-roaring success. What makes it worse though is the constant excuses of injuries and the fact he maintains there are positives to take out of these games. No Martin, when the fans boo your team during a win, the excuses really have to stop.

Tom Brown

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