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The Mark Butcher Band

Posted on 2nd October 2009. 2 Comments

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He sings, he dances (slightly), and he’s alright at cricket..

ferrari-f1-15Mark Butcher, or “Butch” as he is known to his friends, is best known as the ex Surrey and England Test match cricketer, having played in an impressive 71 tests. Upon being forced to retire following a knee injury last month, it seems that Mark Butcher’s future isn’t merely cricket-shaped, but involves a guitar and a few slick bass lines…

After the recording of Songs From The Sunhouse, The Mark Butcher Band has been touring the UK bringing musical entertainment to the masses. And it’s not just a whim.

Has music been something you’ve been seriously considering for a while, or is it more of a hobby?

I’ve always been a singer. It started very young- singing in the bath along to Billy Joel according to my mum. I was in all the choirs and productions at school and loved it all. I didn’t play an instrument until I was about 12- I saw a Queen concert on TV and thought, “that’s as cool as it gets, I’ve got to try that!”

Sell me Songs from the Sun House in a few sentences.

It’s got soul! Great songs, (if I say so myself), great grooves, great band. “If you don’t like it- get your ears checked!”

What are your main influences?

I love the blues, though it’s not a traditional blues record. I love the classic soul singers, Aretha, Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Al Green. The Stax sound is a big influence too, horn arrangements etc. Of course, I love the guitar and people who combine that with soulful vocals, Robert Cray, EC, Freddie & BB King. Gospel, rock, reggae, country-you name it really.

Do you have any other hidden talents? Panpiping? Riverdance? ferrari-f1-15Origami?

No, bloody useless!

Where can I buy the album?

You can’t as yet. Unless you come and see us play. We’re up in the North in November but it should be out on general release soon.

Have you managed to get your old team-mates along to your gigs yet?

I have. The trick is to invite their wives/girlfriends first..

Okay, time for the obligatory cricket-related question. What’s your take on Surrey’s current, and unfortunate position?

Well, things are and have been difficult there for a while. The old, successful team has slowly broken up over the years and left a big gap that has been hard for the younger guys to fill. It’s inevitable that teams go through peaks and troughs. Thankfully, the game is not run solely by money and who has most of it, so- unlike football- a team will have it’s time in the sun and then it becomes somebody else’s turn, like Durham. Surrey will be back though because it’s a great club.

And finally, what do you see yourself doing in the future… will it be the band, or perhaps a foray into coaching?

I desperately hope it’s the band. I also do some media work, I’ve commentated on countless games-even the world cup of cricket in South Africa. I’d like to see another side of life from cricket-though I’d never say never about going back into it-it might be the only thing I’m good for!

Listen to tracks from Songs From The Sunhouse on the Mark Butcher Band’s myspace: www.myspace.com/markbutcher1

Stevie Martin


  • Kevin Pieterson said:

    Whenever i have had the opportunity to see Butch sing he has blown me away. Even though I am probably better, like most things…


  • dean west said:

    hi butch,you need a new drummer??its been a while,contact me!
    thanks DEAN!!!!!!!!say hi to BOB!!!!!!