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Need a music fix? Get on the train.

Posted on 2nd October 2009. No Comment

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Just £3.75 (with a railcard) and welcome to LiveMusicsville..

ferrari-f1-15The music scene here in Durham is often criticised for its predictability and lack of choice. Many articles across the city have been written about the small number of clubs in Durham, and the type of students who invariably frequent these clubs. 

Despite the lack of live music from well known groups and artists in Durham, the bustling city of Newcastle is only a short train ride away. With both the Metro Radio Arena, and the Academy, Newcastle have two venues where acts from the across the world come to play. 

In the coming months the likes of the Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, Editors and Dizzee Rascal will all be gracing Newcastle with their presence, while the visits of Cliff Richard and Elton John also show that it is not just the younger generations that will be making trips to these venues. 

Newcastle is often seen as some what of a music hot spot because of the talent that has emerged from the city, most notably Maximo Park, whose dates in the North East always sell out with ease. Although the same can be said of many bands when returning to their home town, Geordies always seem to respond with more vigour then other audiences. 

The problem with Newcastle-based gigs

The only downside to visiting Newcastle, especially in the evening, is how to get to back to Durham. The cheapest method is obviously by train, but with the last one to Durham at about 22.30, catching it can mean leaving early. The other option is to take a taxi, costing about £35 or so, however if there’s only a couple of you this can be an expensive option. 

Although there are a large number of acts who decide to perform in ferrari-f1-15Newcastle, largely because it is the biggest city in the North East, some bands decide not to. The most obvious of these is Muse. With their new album, and reputation for awe inspiring performances the band almost seemed certain to fill the Metro Radio Arena. However, instead the band will be performing in the Northern cities of Sheffield and Liverpool, before travelling up to Glasgow. The bands apparent snub perhaps shows that although Newcastle is an attractive proposition for many of the most well known and best loved acts from across the world it has yet to reach the popularity levels of somewhere such as Liverpool. 

Despite this it is rare for such an act to not visit Newcastle. Aside from music, comedians like Michael McIntyre and Eddie Izzard will all be visiting Newcastle in the coming months, which combined with the amazing array of musical performances mean there is no greater time to visit a city which is pretty much on your doorstep.

Ian Church

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