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The Day The Music Died

Posted on 20th September 2009. 3 Comments

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Calum Adair mourns the flailing Durham music scene.

“…a sudden epiphany at how bad the music scene in Durham really is..”

0415943663.01.LZZZZZZZI was dancing (badly) during one of these ‘crazy’ ‘silent disco’s’ with the Killers blasting in my ears and busting some terrible moves to one of the songs from their disappointing new album in a slightly intoxicated state.  Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a dear friend of mine throwing his headphones off and frankly being a little over excited about the whole night.  I thought he was drunk and in a fight until I discovered the reason for his distress was his sudden epiphany at how bad the music scene in Durham really is.

I am not myself a fan of his music taste, but he had a point which has for the last few months been agitating me.  Do not get me wrong, some of the best nights I have had involved falling about listening to ‘Summer of 69’ in Klute or generic R ‘n’ B/Hip-Hop in Loveshack.  However, with the exception of the music played in Revolver and Twisted at the Students Union, I cannot seem to avoid the plastic, soulless music factories which Durham’s nightlife entertains.  It is tough to go into a venue in Durham and find genuinely heavy house, drum and bass and dubstep music and be able to dance and go mental. Usually I have to settle for screaming along to S Club 7 – then waking up the next morning with a feeling of guilt and self-loathing.

Well, where is all this ranting going?  I want this to change! I don’t want to dolly-partonhave to get the train to Newcastle to try and search for something better.  Now I am not saying I am an expert on this, and there are many people out there who know more than me.  However, With a new wave of freshers coming through there is potential for an improvement.  Any aspiring DJ’s need to get in touch with the local bars and nightclubs and propose ideas for new nights out and something different to offer those who want something more than cheesy music.  A musical revolution needs to take place amongst those that have any interest in Durham nightlife as I fear it is dying a painful death.  Instead of letting your anger lie latent, let it out and something about it!

I won’t go on as this is simply a warning to all readers that there needs to be change.  If you ever see me with a ‘quaddie’ in hand throwing my hands in the air to Dolly Parton in Klute, slap me.

Calum Adair


  • Rob said:

    these are my thoughts. it’s as if i wrote this article. music in durham is s**t.

  • Stevie said:

    The last musical thing I saw was Wheatus who played to about 30 people in Walkabout a year and a half ago. And I didn’t even go. My friend did. Therefore I agree with everything this article says. And I think it needs some pictures.

  • Rockabillypsycho said:

    Well, your not checking out everything this music scene has to offer. Check out some different venues, LIVE bands. This years Bandwarz winners Lead Sled Rocket – a Rockabilly/Psychobilly band, or The Baker Muck Rattlers.. take a chance on some music you’ve never heard before, and you might be happily surprised. It’s funny how most of the people who have been complaining our music scene is dead, are the people who HAVEN’T been at shows to show support and keep our music scene going strong.