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Snow Patrol – Metro Arena Gig Review

Posted on 11th March 2009. No Comment

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untitled1After forcefully emerging onto the mainstream music scene in 2004 with the critically acclaimed album Final Straw, last night at the Newcastle Metro Arena, Snow Patrol showed why they have been so successful in recent years.

An audience that consisted of a wide demographic, including families, teenagers and the middle aged showed how popular Snow Patrol’s brand of music has become, and why there are now so many similar bands trying to imitate them.

Touring due to the recent release of their new album ‘A Hundred Million Suns’ the band, fronted by Gary Lightbody opened the gig with If There’s a Rocket Tie Me To It, the first track from the aforementioned album.

In a seemingly sold out arena they soon whizzed through the opening tracks that were a mixture of their last three albums, with songs including, ‘Chocolate’, ‘Spitting Games’ and ‘Golden Floor’. The screens at the rear of the stage were used to good effect, as were the lights, which frequently projected images onto the entire arena.

Despite the energy of a guy in front of us who was dancing wildly from the outset and appeared to be on some kind of stimulant, the crowd remained subdued until the opening chords of ‘Run’ were played by Lightbody. With just an acoustic guitar Lightbody performed a rendition of this song that bordered on the poetic, with the audience vociferously singing back every word.

Despite joking calls from some of the audience for Bloc Party, Lightbody continued and charismatically replied ‘They’re very good at what they do, I’m just a hand puppet with a guitar.’ Likewise he responded to wolf whistles with a retort of ‘You must have very low standards,’ which was met widespread laughter, and provided a lighter point to the show.

‘You Could Be Happy’ and ‘The Planets Between Us’ then followed, before an extended version of ‘Shut Your Eyes’, that pitted the sexes against one another in terms of the singing that roused the crowd for the latter part of the performance.

‘Open Your Eyes’ and a lively rendition of ‘Take Back The City’ took the audience up to the encore. After exiting the stage Lightbody and company returned after a large semi transparent sheet was dropped in front of the stage, which then had graphics projected onto it. Meanwhile the band played a mixture of three tracks known as ‘The Lightening Strike’, which was surprising considering the tracks were practically unknown, yet it somehow managed to capture those watching as few complained about their choice.

The show ended with ‘You’re All I Have’, a song that finally managed to get the majority of those seated on their feet, and meant few left disappointed.

Ian Church

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