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What, Chip?!

Posted on 2nd March 2008. No Comment

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Ready to try this
For one of us, at least, the night ended with chips covered in congealing cheese and cheap ketchup. I however settled for Kingsmill with Asda ‘smart price’ pickle and mayonnaise. This may sound disgusting to you now but ‘Digital’ had provided two beers for £3 and I had got over excited. If I had found a ‘Kraft Dinner’ in the fridge I could have convincingly outdone my friend and her ‘taxi queue’ potato feast but, as it stood, she had the more suitable end to a night where Hot Chip had reined supreme.

The band had played at Newcastle Union, whipping the crowd into a frenzy with their unique brand of electro pop. Stand-out tracks included ‘Over and Over’ (unsurprisingly) and the first single from their latest album, ‘Ready for the Floor’, both of which caused all present to dance as though possessed with the spirit of Christopher Walken. ‘Shake a Fist’ from ‘Made in the Dark’ had a far superior intro than it did on the album. The music blasted out (blast with floodlight, blast with floodlight) followed by a dramatic pause, then Taylor sang… ‘I’m ready to try this’ at which the predominantly student crowd begun again to dance, arms flying, heads rolling.

Unfortunately we arrived late and missed Matthew Dear who was supporting. Annoyingly we only saw him thank the crowd so all I can tell you is that he’s very handsome (white shirt, dark hair, chiselled jaw). Hot Chip in contrast, to look at, are delightfully varied (gold chains and undersized t-shirts on some are coupled with fuzzy beards and lumber jack shirts on others). The crowd particularly warmed to Goddard who ended the gig with a surprisingly tender vocal.

Chips with…
From the NU the band headed to ‘Digital’ where they played individual DJ sets with support from Audion, People Get Real and Tallest Paul. A quick stop off at a house party and a glug of Barcardi later and we were on our way, heading to the club with a tube of pink UV paint and the intention to see this night through.

By 4am we had heard great sets both in the main room and upstairs in ‘The Other Rooms’ which by all accounts is the VIP area of Digital. Anything by Justice or S.M.D. went down well, especially ‘Hustler’ which saw the whole of Digital 1 go crazy and, again, ‘Over and Over’ got a massive reception downstairs.

In both arenas then, the electro kings excelled. When asked in a recent interview what Hot Chip would go very nicely with, Taylor replied; “Swimming with whales, diving with dolphins, walking with elephants, hugging chimps and flying with the eagles.” Add a night out in Newcastle to that list.

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